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100 free computer chat

At Jitsi, we believe every video chat should look and sound amazing, between two people or 200.

Live Help Now is a responsive, reliable, and extremely affordable Help Desk Software for your website.

The live chat button module adds click-to-chat functionality to your website, allowing you to interact directly with website visitors the same way you would in a traditional retail store.

I had my initial doubts, but at a time of despair when our networks were down and nobody knew how to get things back on their feet, Geek Buddy came to rescue. This obviously is not for small scale businesses or individuals who don't need tech support.

But for companies like mine where we depend solely on network performance round the clock to chase sales targets and churn revenues, Geek Buddy is a boon.

We now have a working prototype of speech-to-text in jitsi-meet, implemented as part of jigasi.

In this first version the transcribed text is just added to the chat, but a better interface is in the plans.

This year we are fortunate to be working with four great students, and everyone has already produced code samples (some of them merged, some of them […] Yes!

My workplace subscribed to Geek Buddy support when they purchased a bunch of enterprise level security solutions from Comodo.

This plugin is exclusively for the Live Help Now Chat System & also integrates seamlessly with: • Live Help Now Ticket System • Live Help Now Callback Request System Ticket System Manage customer inquiries from start to finish; avoid the chaos and pitfalls of email.

Live Help Now Ticket System is an advanced inquiry management system that provides your website with its own helpdesk solution.

This is all part of Nik Vaessen’s GSo C project, and you can read his blog post for some of […] Jitsi Meet has been available on mobile for some time now.