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Activities can be anything from a good ole' walk n' talk to trying out fundraising activities to going to a local band gig, it all depends on whats voted highest so suggest what EXCITES you without a second to lose!

Greens leader Mark Parnell is urging the State Government to offer the free travel, saying it will benefit families, the environment and the economy."More kids on public transport means less parents driving them around, less congestion on the roads and less pressure on government to spend the billions of dollars on widening roads and building new freeways," Mr Parnell told 891 ABC Adelaide.

The intelligent one will do it all and in a manner that will respect the city’s abundance!

Behold the grand colonial stone architecture that proudly brags of city’s interesting history.

:) The aim of the group is to socialize so upon meeting before participating in any activity members shall introduce themselves if there are new members.

We will have a chat and get to know eachother first, Not just what eachothers names are but things about ourselves and it's encouraged to involve or participate everyone so no one feels leftout!

Pandemonium reigns supreme on these shiny clean lanes as the summer season rolls in, bringing festivals and fun along!

Adelaide Fringe deserves a special mention being one of the world’s finest showcases of theatre, art exhibits, dance shows, street entertainment, movie screenings and live music.

As for the cost of extending free transport to school-aged children, Mr Parnell said it was likely to be just a few million dollars from the current $100 million or so collected annually from commuters."It's a drop in the bucket compared to the billions being spent on freeways and road expansion," he said."More parents now drive their kids to school.

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