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The image has frequently been copied, modified, and parodied, and has been the subject of controversy.

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A collection practice deals with the collection or settlement of claims asserted by one individual or business entity against another. A "commercial claim" is an obligation incurred during the course of conducting a business which arises from goods sold or leased, services rendered, or monies loaned for use in the conduct of a business or profession.

An "average" commercial claim may be defined for general purposes as $2,000. Not all commercial accounts are based on open account balances; some claims may be based on lease agreements, security agreements, consignment transactions, guarantees or on almost limitless variations of similar business transactions.

It is necessary that the attorney be familiar with the available legal means of effecting collection of such specialized types of claims.

Suess explained the phenomenon by the fact that the increased industrial use of fossil carbon in coal and in oil changed the ratio between the dead carbon C12 and the C14 (radiocarbon) in the atmosphere and therefore also in the biosphere.

In centuries to come a body of a man or animal who lived and died in the 20th century would appear paradoxically of greater age since death than the body of a man or animal of the 19th century, and if the process of industrial use of fossil, therefore dead, carbon continues to increase, as it is expected will be the case, the paradox will continue into the forthcoming centuries.

This implies that none of the first four primates are to be considered actual human ancestors.