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The huge extent of Russia’s internal problems; rising alcoholism, depression, and social unrest; combined with an old-fashioned and uncompetitive industrial economy and vast expenditures on client states in Eastern Europe, as well as a long and drawn out war in Afghanistan, lead Gorbachev to present a policy of ‘‘, meaning openness and restructuring – leading to a withdrawal of Soviet influence and the independence of many former Soviet states (Bale 2005 p.10).

The fall of the Soviet Union lead to a reunited Germany, a US withdrawal from Europe and its affairs, and a vast number of new states seeking to ‘rejoin’ the West.

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The site was created in 1999 by a group of Buckhead residents and now helps hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the nation raise funds.

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign is working to establish a bike lane network linking neighborhoods and major activity centers in Buckhead.

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