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Be nug chat room

Contact killers will kill bed bugs quickly, but offer no long-lasting protection.

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The above chat room uses a technology called IRC(Internet Relay Chat) .

This will cut down on the bed bug population while making it harder for remaining bugs to hide.

Learn More We recommend using a combination of both contact and residual sprays, designed specifically to kill bed bugs.

the animations themselves are top notch, but id love to see a vid where not every touch is tongue lolling, eye closing, hip thrusting pleasure. Okay, theres the texturing and adding the right penis (with knot, without, horse-dick, etc.), but the face and body are there too.

everyone has the same facial movements THIS is how you get hate (cause it's from me : D): The animations are awesome and do have nice details, but there's almost no variety in looks (I am not talking about the style! That's far more "meh" than the facial expressions - but I kinda agree on that too.

If you select it and click the “Join” button in orange, you will enter the chat room.

Bed bugs and their eggs are most likely hiding in or on your mattress, box spring and pillows, which is why you need certified bed bug proof mattress encasements.

Learn More Bed bugs are likely hiding in different parts of your room, like the edges of carpet, inside wood cracks, behind picture frames and inside books, magazines, furniture, etc.

In this third step, we're going to clean, declutter, vacuum and steam areas of the room where bed bugs might be.

IRC is used because it is a real-time communication tool.