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We are here to help you to enjoy your daily life routine for free, with live cams streaming 24/7.

Where they will go or what they going to do, or even more, when is the “sexy time”?

Our live cams located all around the house – kitchen, bathroom, living room and, the most existing part of the house, the bedrooms. In front of the live cameras you can enjoy the view of young and wild birdies from Russia , with different backgrounds.

See a live view of current conditions at The Summit via our mountain webcams and Washington State Department of Transportation cameras.

The power at the top of Edelweiss is intermittent at this time causing periods (sometimes extended) of camera outage. The top cam may drop in and out of service while we work to implement a stable power solution.

Feel free to ask any question about the live of our birdies on our twitter.

We are happy to answer and have a little chat with you.

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