Start Centstorage error while updating

Centstorage error while updating

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Create /etc/centreon/inst Cent OK Convert variables for upgrade:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start Cent Plugins Traps Installation ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finding Apache user : www-data Preparing Centreon temporary files /tmp/centreon-setup exists, it will be moved...

TO IDENTIFY ERROS WITH GRAPH, verify if: service-perfdata file exist in Nagios “var” directory ( /var/local/nagios/ # ll /usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata To find out where is inside centreon: Configuration service-perfdata is growing (if Nagios insert data il file) (if not try deleting and creating again the file) service-perfdata is purging by centstorage (presence of service-perfdata_read file) # tail -f /usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata censtorage processus is running (/etc/init.d/centstorage status) # ps -ef |grep centstor no errors in file in Centreon “log” directory # tail -f /usr/local/centreon/log/“centstorage” database is growing (look into mysql) Other thoughts on how to make graphs work.

CENTREON_BINDIR="/usr/local/centreon/bin" ## Where is your Centreon data informations directory ?