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(3) Chemistry, because if you aren’t mindful of how driven you are by pheromones, you could end up forgoing your beautiful relationship vision of finding your companion mate.

Davis wanted to create an app that encouraged users to improve their community and foster a meaningful connection at the same time.

The foundations of her training programs include providing the necessary tools, structures, behavioral change, and emotional education for successful long-term relationships.

Cindy is the Owner of Designing Access Consulting since 1989; A Shamanic Practitioner since 1993; A Co-Founder of Horse Journeys: Center for Conscious Evolution and Author of her recent book: Cindy started her career as a health professional for 16 years, then created her consulting business after witnessing in 2 of her high functioning spiritual communities that people were still struggling within their love relationships.

Prerequisite is the Conscious Dating and Relationship Readiness program.

In this program you put into action everything you learned in conscious dating and relationship readiness.

Much of it is infused with some bias, or narrow mindedness.

Today, we must date very consciously, for if we really want to cultivate a beautiful, lasting relationship, we must be mindful of (1) Our own intentions, including our relationship vision, and whether it is a good fit with our romantic partners’ intentions and relationship vision (2) Their expectations (which often set you up for disappointment and are not recommended).

Every man she connected with knew her plan and needed to state which area he wished to be considered for. Since creating Modern Love, has coached hundreds of people to get in touch with their three most important areas, whatever they may be.