Start Dating a broke guy

Dating a broke guy

If you know you want to be rich, there is a stage you have to pass through.

He doesn’t have to go to Fogo de Chao, he can go to Applebee’s. That sounds great for a couple, but for a man who just met a woman who may or may not even be interested, I think not.

Further, what if the man has absolutely no money for Applebee’s?

If a man doesn’t know where he’s headed in life or what he wants to do to make money, what does he need you for?

He should go and figure out his life first before looking for where to sweat and release his semen. READ ALSO: Photos: Olubadan and Wives Arrive London in Pomp and Style Dating a broke guy is bad.

Don’t do that to yourself especially if you are an ambitious, hardworking and successful lady.

Don’t listen to people who tell you that maybe God brought you into his life to lift him out of the pit of financial lack. You can only support him but you can’t make money on his behalf. A broke guy who is in relationship is not being true to himself.

I say this because it actually takes away from your focus as a man.

As a struggling man, you should sit down and focus on your goals, unless you want to be poor forever.

In all honesty many women won’t want to date you, but some won’t care. It really depends where they are in their life and what they are looking for. The important thing is to not pretend to be someone you’re not and end up doing the dishes at a restaurant because your credit card was declined! What is NOT OK are lazy guys who don’t want to work and use women financially.

If you are the broke one you need to be honest about your financial status before you go any further. Be open and honest and you never know, you might just find the girl you’ve been waiting for your whole life who you know wants you for you!!

For the first time ever, single women earn more than single men. How are we men supposed to court women when we’re broke?