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Dating activities in singapore

Skateboarding enthusiasts can also head down to the Aliwal Car Park to witness ‘The Asphalt Challenge’, a skill competition featuring Singapore’s top skateboarders.

I dare anyone to flail around an ice skating rink dodging first graders and not have an awesome time.

She’ll laugh her ass off and you’ll be the creative guy with a better idea than yet another steak dinner.

Afterward, catch your breath at a diner or some other casual joint.

Make sure you wear some cologne, so she’ll smell your fresh Invictus OK, so technically this is dinner, but it’s way better than your typical restaurant date.

So I poured my friends some wine and interrogated them about the best dates they’ve ever been treated to, and will share the smartest ideas here.

Next time you really want to impress a lady, try one of these options. Really, any activity intended for children ages 9 and under makes for an amazing date. It may sound ridiculous for two adults but that’s the point.

To go to the top of the Pinnacle you’ll pay much less and it is still very scenic.

You are also in the middle of a neighbourhood with lots of cafes and little eateries.

Cross over to Everton Park opposite the Pinnacle and share some delicious ice cream and waffles at Not your average movie date night, The Projector is an independent cinema that has revived two cinema halls of the historic Golden Theatre on the 5th floor of Golden Mile Tower.

The vibe is old-school cool with many of the original features of the halls remaining.

With the end of year festivities well out of the way, we can all take solace in that our lives can finally return to normalcy.