Start Dating brass dial grandfather clocks

Dating brass dial grandfather clocks

Three Train 8 day movement, the brass dial with silvered chapter ring and half hour markers, Quarter chiming on 8 bells or 4 bells as required and striking the hours on a gong, the substantial case with pagoda topped hood,and fluted columns. The maker listed as member of Clockmakers Company 1771 Black Laquer Longcase clock by Andrew Dunlop. This image is thought to be of ANNA PRINCIPIA the eldest daughter of King George 11, 1709-1759 who married William Prince of Orange in 1734. United States of America tallcase clock, by George OVES of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in a typical cherrywood arch-hooded case, inlaid with boxwood decoration, the painted dial with moon phase indicator in the arch, seconds and date, 8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.