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Some Broadway theater newcomers aren't sure what the proper behavior and Broadway theatre etiquette is when attending a Broadway play or musical. Those are all good questions, but there are also other important questions that most Broadway visitors don't think to ask, many of which are related to how to behave (and how to behave) during the show so as to better enjoy the performance and to allow the rest of the people in the audience to enjoy it as well. Munching on candy and chips during a live Broadway performance is annoying to your neighbors.

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Somehow the most obvious rule of good Broadway theatre etiquette is still the most often disregarded. In this age of diseases-of-the-week from SARS to swine flu, there is nothing more bone-chilling to a Broadway theatergoer than the sound of a nearby cough and an accompanying gust of air. Coughing is inevitable, but failure to cover your mouth is unforgivable, so try to keep kleenex or a handkerchief on hand.

And if you have a cold, be sure to bring some lozenges with you.

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And, no, unwrapping it S-L-O-W-L-Y does not help the situation ... Sure, it's irritating when someone's cell phone goes off, but what's even worse is when the brief breach of Broadway theatre etiquette is followed by a series of overreactions from other audience members.