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Psychologist Art Markman helps this reader figure it out.

For example, if you have referred 5 friends, the discount will be applied over a span of 5 months Simply pay your current outstanding bill, along with the next 4 months bill in advance to get your 6th month ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Terms and Conditions- For credit or volume exhaustion, dues will be added to the current month's bill and will be adjusted from the advance amount paid.- Advance payments, once made, are non-refundable.- Account freezing facility will not be available with this promotion.- This offer is valid at wi-tribe customer care centres only.- Rs.

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If someone has already been referred by another wi-triber, they will not be included in your Circle of Friends. Step 1: An email will be sent to your friend to welcome them to the tribe and let them know that they have been referred by you Step 2: Your friend becomes a part of your Circle of Friends by accepting the referral and purchasing a device Step 3: You will receive Rs.500 discount on your monthly line rent when your friend clears their first full bill by the due date There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so grow your circle of wi-tribe friends and enjoy this great offer!

**For any further queries, you can also visit our FAQs page or check our terms and conditions by clicking on the links below: FAQS / Terms of Conditions For more information, you can contact our customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by emailing [email protected] calling (111 187 423)* The referred friend must become a customer and pay their first full monthly bill by the due date for you to receive the discount ** The discount on the monthly line rent applies for one referral at a time.

100 service charges will be applied along with each month's Monthly Line Rent.

Some things are universal don’ts, like dating someone you work with. So is there anyway to make a romantic relationship and a career thrive in the same place?

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Power Hours is valid for a period of 30 days from date of subscription and cannot be purchased with business and unlimited packages.2GB Up Size is valid for 15 days while 5GB and 10GB Up Size is valid for 30 days.

I’ve checked the HR manual and the only mention of relationships in the workplace is that you can’t be the manager of someone that you are related to or romantically involved with, and neither is the case with us.