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Kusadasi meaning "Bird Island" and being dubbed the Turkish “Las Vegas by the Sea”, 90km south of Izmir , the resort lies several kilometres along the coast and well into the surrounding area.

ANVIL seeks generously and intelligently to resource today’s and tomorrow’s Church.

The city's greatest conflict was with Carthage (although it was also attacked by Greece) and continuous battles between the two, as well as internal political strife, eventually weakened the city. Towards the west of the city is the Euryalus Castle (shown below), dating from the 5th century B. As a response to the frequent attacks by Carthage, the rulers of Siracusa built fortified walls almost twenty miles in length and added the Euryalus Castle to complete their fortification effort. Many gather at the Fonte Arethusa, a freshwater pond (fountain) whose origin is linked to Greek mythology and the story of the water nymph Arethusa.

The story has attracted attention throughout history and this is a great place to stop at one of the many cafes and contemplate the three thousand year history of Siracusa and the Mediterranean.

There are pine-forests, various picnic areas and trails for trekking.