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Dating tips for girls cosmo

This guy I met earlier that night grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor, where we made some of the worst attempts at step dancing anyone has probably ever seen—but it was such a blast that we didn't care.

Most of the guys I fall for tend to be low-key types who have this self-assurance about them, though you can't quite put your finger on where it stems from.

Honestly, it makes me wonder if they're packin' below." — Laura G."It's really important to me that a guy not take himself seriously.

All us guys can get out sometimes is 'Hey.' We're just trying. Then she immediately becomes unique." —Matthew Hussey"So many women go into a date thinking, 'What do I think of this person? You start picking him apart, like, 'I don't like his shoes,' or, 'He's nice but I wish he had more hair.' But a friend of mine actually gave the best advice about this.

This is crazy-important: Flirting is all about making the person you're with feel like the center of the universe—so you might have to stroke his ego a bit.

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You can flirt anywhere, but it's a little easier when you know you have a shared interest with a guy.

TRUTH: Smile at him, but then wait for him to come to you.