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Dating uk dear deidre

In an adjoining room, a crack team of letter-writing lieuten-aunts, armed with cups of tea and a bank of good sense, sit typing suggestions and juggling problems, the air-traffic controllers of the office's cluttered emotional skies. Nearly every available flat surface in the warren-like space is covered in a ream of pea-green print-outs, each sheet of which represents a problem that is at once tiny and enormous. "I've had to take two carrier bags full down to the car just to get them out of the way." Those problems are placed in piles according to urgency, and those piles are stamped with a name; every name signifies that one of the in-house agony aunts will be taking that particular slice of worry in hand, and doing her best to make it a little easier to bear.

Every one has received a reply from Deidre with her Bedfordshire-based team of assistants.

And, YES, the letters used in The Sun are all real.

Deidre is at her computer, putting the finishing touches to next Saturday's column.

Do you see yourself predominantly as a journalist or a counsellor? You must be a strong journalist to get the story across.

I did all the training available through what was then the National Marriage Guidance Council (now Relate) short of becoming one of their counsellors, and over the years I have since trained in assertiveness, sexuality, domestic violence, child abuse, anger management, personal development, and I have written books on depression and on men’s and women’s sexual relationships.

I was a founder patron of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood.

In addition, several different premium rate advice lines are published, giving recorded messages on problems that readers may have.