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Beckham is the first English player to win league titles in four countries (England, Spain, United States, and France).

Most casual sports fans are able to name some of these athlete-celebrity relationships.

For example, there is Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, Derek Jeter and half of Hollywood, Delonte West and Lebron’s mom (just kidding, not actually used as data).

I spent most of my formative years struggling even to make eye contact with a gentleman I was interested in, but there was always someone in my life who seemed to find it as easy as hailing a cab. Leonardo Di Caprio (via) I'm pretty much convinced at this point that Leo has a revolving door somewhere on his property that connects directly to the Victoria's Secret University campus. Madonna (via) Ever since her marriage to Guy Ritchie ended, Madonna has been plucking up progressively younger dancers off her tours and making them her own. They're little more than unpaid babysitters at this point, and if they stick around for long enough, they get to become co-conservators of Britney's fortune. But even we are baffled by the dip from Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner. How else are you gonna get the spirit of inspiration to strike? John Mayer (via) This guy must have a magic penis or something, because it's Standing Room Only to get in on that action. Cameron has been single for even longer than Jennifer Aniston, but somehow she's been able to avoid the stigma of being a lonely, barren, nag. After all his rehab stints, visits to jail, overdoses, and charges of domestic abuse, Charlie still has a string of ‘goddesses' ready to move into his mansion at a moment's notice. The media just loves obsessing over her not being married since her divorce to Brad Pitt, so they make it seem like she's a spinster.

They were never single because they didn't want to be, and they were lucky enough never to have to be. And maybe you yourself didn't know anybody like this, but I'm positive I'm not making it up, because I see it happen in the celebrity world as well. Every time she needs a new batch of marrow to feed on, she makes a phone call and they send over another model to be youth-harvested. He's not the looking guy, but he pulls an insane variety of really big names to date, from Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift to Jessica Simpson, and obviously Katy Perry. Who knows why that is, but Cameron seems to be perfectly happy doing , whether it's Justin Timberlake or Alex Rodriguez. Bradley Cooper (via) If a lady in Hollywood is ever single at the same time as Bradley, it's pretty likely she's gonna be linked to him. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (via) They tend to keep their lives a little more secretive, probably since they spent their entire childhood in the spotlight, but I don't think I've ever been aware of either of them being single. Adam Levine (via) He may be engaged now, but even if he wasn't, I have a feeling all Adam would have to do is stick his face out the side of a car driving through Modeltown, and like four or five of them would jump on the hood, clamoring to be dated. Lindsay Lohan (via) I have a feeling I'd have a little trouble finding a boyfriend if I'd been to rehab six times by the age I am now, but Li Lo has always really been a go-getter in that department.

Ever wonder what it would be like to date a professional soccer player?

These celebrities hit the jackpot and found love on the soccer field.

By Austin Tymins and Nick Holmes Whether it’s partying at exclusive nightclubs before Sunday morning games, or fielding the advances of attractive celebrities, professional athletes typically deal with much larger distractions than the average person.

Many observers of this point have blamed poor athletic performance on the supposed distraction of dating a celebrity such as Justin Verlander who has fallen victim to this supposed effect as much as anyone.

As Barstool Sports pointed out, his “ERA is like a billion” since dating Kate Upton.

In this post, we’re going to try and see if this effect is real, and if so, how sizeable is the effect on athletic performance?

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