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This is a photograph of the materialized spirit, known as Bien Boa. It was her mediumship which ultimately convinced psychic researcher, Professor Charles Richet, of the genuineness of materialization.

Our site contains an article on the Margery mediumship.

A hand is being formed from ectoplasm, again with "Margery" Crandon.

booklet led to the creation of 30 educational public service announcements (PSAs), each depicting one of the human rights laid out in the Universal Declaration.

I commend these organizations for the work they are doing to bring these resources to educational institutions.”“By your remarkable learning tools—including the video portrayals of all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration and accompanying human rights education materials—and by your challenging student projects designed to place youth in leadership roles within their communities, Youth for Human Rights International and its Liberia chapter are important voices in Liberia’s human rights education process.” —Vice president, Republic of Liberia Because “30 Rights, 30 Ads” provides a meaningful and readily available presentation that raises awareness, the PSAs are used in a variety of settings in many countries. Youth for Human Rights volunteers screen them to thousands of students in workshops.

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Loštice befindet sich an der Einmündung des Baches Podhrádek in die Třebůvka.