Start Did lauren and kent dating

Did lauren and kent dating

She Wasn't Always Lala Back in the day, she was known as Lauryn Kent.

I know the show doesn't like to out the male contestants sexuality..especially with the whole Kent Boyd and Cat Deely controversy when she asked who is ideal girl was...

But when Megz asked Derek "who's your celebrity man crush", that gave it away.

, Lala Kent is being confronted over her relationship with an allegedly married boyfriend.

“I got sick of taking care of him and cleaning up his messes,” Doute explained.

(We all remember that one of her gigs caused quite a stir at the beginning of this season.) According to her Model Mayhem profile, she's 5'7'', which she says is the reason why you won't see her on any runways.

"Because of my height I only do print work," Lala explained to Heavy.

I mean that's so embarrassing in retrospect, with him being pretty much openly gay now.