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Does catholic church say dating

The question of the age of the earth has produced heated discussions on Internet debate boards, TV, radio, in classrooms, and in many churches, Christian colleges, and seminaries. Let’s give a little history of where these two basic calculations came from and which worldview is more reasonable. Of course, the Bible doesn’t say explicitly anywhere, “The earth is 6,000 years old.” Good thing it doesn’t; otherwise it would be out of date the following year.

From there, we can begin to calculate the age of the earth.

Let’s do a rough calculation to show how this works.

This page seeks to provide some answers to frequent questions asked about the date of Easter. Why isn't Easter on the same date every year - like Christmas, for instance? The short answer is that in the 4th century it was decided that Easter would fall after the first full moon following the vernal or spring equinox.

(The equinox is a day in the year on which daytime and night-time are of equal length.

Each bishop answers directly to the Pope, not to an archbishop.

Those Provinces are further divided into 195 dioceses, each led by a bishop.

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the world, with approximately 1.2 billion members across the globe.