Start Escd updating

Escd updating

The ESCD data is stored using the data serialization format used for EISA.

Some motherboards have a BIOS which allows you to delete the ESCD information from the BIOS after an older legacy card has been removed from the motherboard.

You will also find additional information regarding ESCD at this .

Sometimes it would begin responding again after waiting a few minutes.

I went through some troubleshooting (disabled on-board USB, removed all PCI cards and tried the USB card in different slots, gradually reinstalled all cards...) During this process I eventually learned that reseting the ESCD data before every boot made everything work fine.

On some motherboards operating with EDO memory you can also try Enabling the EDO DRAM install option which is found in the Chipset Features section of the BIOS.

As a last alternative try disabling the external cache which is also located in the BIOS.

The specification was developed by Compaq, Intel and Phoenix Technologies.