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Free online over 60s sex chat

Even if I were to hitch up with my current admirer, how much time, realistically, would we have together?

My husband Olly and I have as good a sex life as we have ever had since meeting 42 years ago.

What we have instead is more leisurely sex, the product of a friendship that has only deepened since we met in our late 20s, through the business of growing up together as lovers, parents and now empty-nesters.

I remember the odd night spent back-to-back in a stand-off after an argument, with an oasis of sheet between us. Through it all, we have hung on to our desire for each other and recognised that nurturing sexual appetite is a vital part of keeping a loving link alive.

It dipped, of course, in the busy years, then re-built steadily as we adjusted to living without the family, before having to adapt to my recent less-than-romantic nodding off in front of a DVD and having as much libido as a fat-free yogurt by bedtime.

However, after two years of lying and duplicity, Penny’s husband Thomas discovered an incriminating text on her phone.

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If a man is a lifelong bachelor, there must be some very good reason why he has never been able to sustain a relationship, and if he is divorced, the chances are that he is living in a bedsit while still forking out huge maintenance payments to an ex-wife. We are constantly being told, in study after study, that the over-60s are enjoying a riotous sex life unknown to previous generations. I have so many friends who have tied themselves in knots trying to be fair to their future beneficiaries.

Even if I take those statistics with an extra-large packet of Saxa, it's true that I am theoretically free to enjoy as many sexual relationships as I like.

On ­Saturday, in the first of our series, we revealed how work pressure is ­driving a wedge between couples.

Penny Hall’s affair with James was not just lustful.

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