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Everybody who has had sex is at risk of HIV infection even if that risk is very small.

If you have a child aged 3-4 years old, you are eligible to claim up 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year. Are you a grandparent or other family member looking after a child under the age of 12 whilst their parent (or main carer) is working?

Some 2 year olds are also elibible for free early education and childcare where the family are claiming certain benefits. If so, you may be entitled to claim Specified Adult Childcare credits towards your pension which could be worth more than £230 a year in retirement.

Often the only way to know if you have HIV infection is to do the test as there may be no obvious symptoms of infection.

We therefore recommend that everybody attending for a sexual health screen should have a HIV test.

The chances of passing on HIV at this stage are high.

If you have these symptoms and are concerned it is important to test.

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