Start Gay lesbian bisexual dating service resources

Gay lesbian bisexual dating service resources

We are one of the oldest gay and lesbian community centers in the United States.

Its mission is to increase the resources and services to the LGBTQ community on campus and create a safe and welcoming environment for all students. The 2015 symposium had the theme, "Masculinities", with keynote speakers and panels on a variety of related issues.

When we talk about major concerns facing LGBTQ youth, we typically discuss topics like bias-based bullying and harassment or familial rejection and homelessness; and when we talk about violence facing the larger LGBTQ community, we typically discuss hate crimes.

Our staff is committed to helping students navigate the challenges of exploring their identities, coming out, and integrated sexuality and gender identity and expression into their lives. Women's and Gender Studies Program (WGST) offers an academic minor with courses on sexuality and gender, and holds seminars, discussions and events each semester.

We will help to foster a campus of inclusion, respect, and equality for LGBT students.

showed significantly higher rates of dating violence among LGB youth than among non-LGB youth.

While 29 percent of heterosexual youth surveyed reported being physically abused by dating partners, for example, 42.8 percent of LGB youth reported the same.

Lavender Cal is an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer staff and faculty at UC Berkeley.