Start Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist

Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist

The "name of dropdownlist " can be get in Row Data Bound event and you need to store it in Session then you can get it in Row Updating event.

Although I tried to use an sqldatasource control for the gridview, the gridview was unable to display the data from the sqldatasource control..therefore i'm having to use code-behind. As a requirement, what i want to do is this: when the edit event is fired in the gridview, i want, say a couple of the columns (i.e.

This is all started from the Data Tutorial series found on the website. tabid=63 Maybe I should look into using the Get Products method with an Object Data Source and see how that works. Now I can get the Bound Field newvalues with no problem in the Row Updating event.

I've deleted the datasource and gridview and started again from scratch, but I still get the same problem.

The following code is searching for the value in the list and select it.