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Henry kingi dating

Wagner was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Marilyn Louise (née Thrasher) and William Nowels Wagner.

Henry Kingi has been a professional stunt performer/actor since the 1970's and often plays thugs and killers in motion pictures.

Though commonly cast as a Hispanic character, Kingi is actually a Cherokee/African /Caucasian mix.

Wagner earned an Emmy Award in 1977 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Dramatic Role for her portrayal of Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman television series.

Matthew Owen Kingi's defence team told a court the 31-year-old started using marijuana at age six, ice at 15 and was homeless by 17, following a chaotic upbringing.

The film opens with an extended combat sequence in Bulgaria, where a suave James Bond type named Bradley Fine (Jude Law) blows away a series of thugs as he tries to locate a nuclear bomb.

His secret weapon, however, turns out to be Susan, who communicates with Fine via hidden earpiece, using all manner of high-tech surveillance equipment to maneuver him past every obstacle and enemy assailant.

Another relocation with her mother and stepfather, Ted Ball, brought Wagner to Portland, Oregon, where she attended David Douglas High School and appeared in a number of school plays.

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