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I want my daughter dating

Which, then, brings me to my second point- while some of these lessons shall come in the form of my own life stories – my several ‘crushes,’ ‘heartbreaks,’ and more in my journey from Mr. Right- her daddy dearest- most others shall come from movies I want my daughter to watch.

’ –mommy-club for as long as I possibly can, I know that the day my husband swears he is going to get that shotgun collection (because he is 200% confident the young ‘dudes’ are ‘playas’) is just around the corner!

Oh, don’t worry- he can’t even kill a mosquito- let alone a daughter’s boyfriend- jerk or otherwise! day will come- when she will walk in that door, all excited because that cute boy from class has asked her out on her first-ever real date!

Now that she’s in college, it seems appropriate to give my daughter college dating advice.

I want her to take with her a bit of fatherly wisdom to guide her and help her to avoid some of the perils and pitfalls that could derail her dreams.

And my kids are really smart and learned a lot through my personal experiences so I have no doubt that they could handle it but… That means in the relationship as well as , child rearing and around your home. Everyone should give 100% but when one partner is sick, the other one has to give more to keep everything afloat. You can’t keep score and you can’t expect more from your partner than they are capable of giving. They will feel like their partner’s parent a lot of the time. However, you do have to for the health of yourself. You will have to explain to family, friends and sometimes strangers, their behaviour. You don’t owe anyone an explanation but there will be times that you will feel humiliated or like people blame you for your partner’s behaviour. There will be times that the bipolar will completely take over your partner and the relationship.

When you are in a relationship with someone who has bipolar, especially when they are struggling, you will have to take on a more parental role to help them.

Something along the lines of, “we want to support your decision to date someone who makes you feel good, but we’re concerned that the difference in your ages might [insert your concern here].