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Librarian's note: This is an alternate cover for ASIN: B00BCKMXRA.'Sex andthe City' meets 'Eat, Pray, Love' in a search for love & meaning.

And no, it wasn’t only because of the simply amazing cover and the fact that the book’s title caught my attention. Now that I’ve finished reading, I must admit that Mary Elizabeth Coen did a truly fantastic job of bringing this story alive. She’s the type of character that anyone can not help but root for.

They have dancing at the rollar skating rink every Saturday night in Blairsville off of the old Blue Ridge Hwy.

When a health scare intervenes Kate and her friends go together to visit a famous healer in Brazil and a spiritual guru in Peru, where all three friends begin spiritual journeys of forgiveness, gratitude and learning to live in the now.

Read it to find out if Kate finds love along the way First off, I knew that I would enjoy LOVE AND THE GODDESS before I even read the book.

Golfing is another surefire way to meet someone - Lord knows there are many golf courses all over the area.

Alright, before anyone decides to judge based on a few sentences, all I ask is that you please take the time to read the entire situation, please. (Most of them are girls.) They party, drink, do things like that.

I'm a heavy user of this online chat client called IMVU, perhaps you've heard of it. etc.) A lot of them I've known for nearly a year, some of my online friends I've known for well over a year and I didn't meet them on this client.

One day in the near future, I MAY attempt to pay her a visit. Two days ago, on the 14th, she left me a message, after I woke up sorta late, saying that she was going to have a day out and wouldn't be home. She also told me she loved me and I could text her while she was out. Well, I must have sent like 7 texts over a span of 4-5 hours before I got a reply.

Many of my online friends are close to me in some way and we talk to each other pretty much every day, if not, then every other day.

Anyway, I've met many people on here, people to whom I'm close. (We share phone numbers, Facebooks, Skype details, things like that. I've had a few online/long-distance relationships, some of which were serious, some of which weren't, with females I've met on this client/site.

We talk every single day, and the only times we don't are when she really can't make the time, or if she doesn't have her phone and she's away. She has real-life friends as well, and she likes to hang out with him quite a bit.