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Is chris angel dating holly

I wish I could bottle (what she has) and sell it.” “(Boxing) came easier to me than I thought it would,” says Holm. he could work with me.” Holly won a national amateur championship in Kansas City, MO in the Fall of 2001, her last kickboxing appearance before her pro debut.

ANGEL: This is a show that incorporates so many different art forms and really tries to present magic in a way that it's never presented before. You know, with "Believe," it's not presented like "Mindfreak." It's a story line. I didn't want to do the typical, you know, presentation that -- that people have seen already. ANGEL: I am an entertainer first -- an artist that utilizes many different vehicles to entertain -- to engage an audience. You know, surround sound and projection and just -- we really went in there and redid -- regutted the stage to... ANGEL: Yes, it's -- it's -- everything is getting hurt. But I just want to say thank you to all those that have supported me on television.

Cirque du Soleil, the Luxor and myself did a partnership together. You know, that -- that connection -- that emotional connection is true magic. ANGEL: I think magic is able to bring out the child that lives in all of us. ANGEL: Well, I had an immense respect for Cirque du Soleil when I first say them in the '80s on a television show and just thought, you know, this group is really reinventing the circus, as you know. And, you know, the artists that were involved -- the conceptors -- everybody from Wade Robson, who's -- who is an amazing choreographer, who won an Emmy just recently; Michael Curry with the puppeteering; Eric Serra with the musical score, Serge Denoncourt, the director; Meredith with the costumes -- the creme de la creme. Thank you so very much for having me on the show, once again.

came down, Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner both denied that Holly was secretly dating illusionist Criss Angel.

Angel and Madison have been spotted kissing and snuggling over the last several weeks in Las Vegas, but remain somewhat coy about their relationship.

“This is one of the most special evenings for me in my life and I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person, inside and out, than Holly to spend it with,” Angel said on the opening night of his new Cirque Du Soleil show, “Believe,” in Las Vegas.

's "Mindfreak." The new show CRISS ANGEL Believe recently opened at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. ANGEL: Well, believe stems from, actually, a word that Houdini used when he passed away in 1926 on Halloween to basically prove that mediums and psychics are complete frauds, because he knew that when he passed away, that they would be able to communicate with him from the other side.

So Houdini devised that word with his wife Bess so that when he passed on, when people made that claim, Bess would say what is Houdini saying -- what is the secret code word?

“I started aerobics to keep in shape, saw the (kickboxing) class, thought it looked pretty cool, so I thought I’d try it for one fight and see what it was like,” says Holm.