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Letter dating 1700

Chip flipped his first house in college, and was flipping houses while the two were dating. So it didn’t take very long in our career for her to really evolve into a dominant reality in my business.” Together, the couple owns Magnolia Homes, Magnolia Market, and Magnolia Farms. When they were dating, Chip would pick blooms from Magnolia trees, so the name seemed like a no-brainer when it came to giving their business a title.

Some entries have precise dates, some have a range, and some are approximate - so the ordering is also subjective, but we have attempted to list events in rough chronological order, up to an arbitrary cutoff date of 1700 CE. Apart from many omissions, this selection reflects the interests of the compiler, with incompatible biases towards the early, the underdocumented, and the archaeologically or historically reliable, and specifically relating to maritime and trade history.

Chip and Joanna both graduated from Baylor University, even though they didn’t meet at the school.

In 2015, they were honored as ‘The Alumni of the Year’, which gives its award to “graduates who have demonstrated remarkable achievement in the previous year.” Chip graduated in ’98, and Joanna in ’01, but they didn’t officially meet until 2001.

Also, the combination of snippets of varying quality, and from different cultures, may sometimes build up to an overall impression more convincing than the individual parts.

Sources are of very variable quality - sometimes tertiary or even more distant from the first hand accounts, but we have tended to include interesting assertions, using the best references to hand, and allow the reader to discriminate.

He was also commissioned addition grants that covered in all about 28 townships with 618,000 acres of the Western Peninsula along the Lake Erie shore, south of the Thames River to Lake Erie and from Windsor in the West to all most Long Point in the East.

Talbot was granted Five Thousand acres of land on the condition of conveying fifty acres out of every two hundred to an actual settler.

The intention is to improve references over time, to the original documents or more reliable secondary sources - but we will retain multiple references, if potentially useful leads to books or internet content.