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Love dating simulation

Channel your inner creator and design the world of your dreams.

The game lasts for a fixed period of game time, such as one month or three years.

Decide how you want to explore the City of Love: socialize and plan the most fun activities with friends, learn about the rich and sophisticated culture of France or meet a handsome guy who might be the love of your life!

You are given choices as you play and the ones you choose shape your life and direct the story line.

This can lead to confusion, as visual novels are considered a subgenre of adventure games and are not technically included in the dating sim genre.

While the two genres often share a common visual presentation, dating sims are sometimes considered to be more statistically based than the "choose your own adventure" style of visual novels.

The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

The term "dating sim" is also often used incorrectly in English as a generic term for romance-driven games (ren'ai games), a subject matter which is stereotypically associated with the visual novel genre.

They'll be appearing in the upcoming Something To Do With Love demo. $300 (animated, interactive NPC /w dialog) Your character will appear throughout the game as a fully realized NPC and share optional dialog with the protagonists. If you have a character and an idea of where they'd fit into a game, hit me up and we can hash out the details!