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Lovebug dating

The crazy thing is, sometimes the shit you think about is stupid as hell…you can wash clothes and wonder if this person likes Tide w/ Bleach like you do.

"All the guys always had thought she was really pretty and that's why they asked her to be in it." Last month, video director Phillip Andelman recalled to MTV News, "They told me they know it's a long shot, but 'we are absolutely in love with Camilla Belle.' And sure enough, it worked out." People reported that the two want to keep the relationship under wraps.

"They are not public about it but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers," a source told the site. "She's a really good girl and it seems they share a lot of the same characteristics and morals." Of course, the news comes hot on the heels of Jonas' breakup with country singer Taylor Swift, who has spoken publicly about the split.

The cars: Thorndike drives a 1963 Apollo 3500 GT which heads up an impressive field of vintage racers; these include a 1965 Bizzarrini GT5300 Strada, a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette SCCA Production Roadster and a 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.

David Tomlinson plays evil European car importer and racing cheat Thorndyke, while Benson Fong plays the enigmatic Mr Wu.

The plot: Jim Douglas, a racing driver who's down on his luck, wanders into a snooty car showroom in search of a new vehicle.

He is quickly shown the door by its snob of an owner, Mr Thorndyke, but not before he sticks up for a 1963 VW Beetle which has appeared on the showroom floor as if by magic.

Anyone who read what the Jonas Brothers said about Camilla Belle, who stars in their recent video for "Lovebug," will probably not be surprised that the actress is now rumored to be dating one of them.

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