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However, campaigners claim there is a more dangerous subliminal message that will encourage girls to refuse food.

The Survation poll for ITV's Good Morning Britain put the Tories on 41.5 per cent with Labour on 40.4 per cent – a result that if replicated later this week would put the Conservatives' majority in Parliament in jeopardy.

However, opinion polls by other leading polling firms have given wider leads for the Conservatives in recent days, ranging as high as 11 and 12 points.

He stopped laughing when we bought two R100 GS’s from his colleague – a Mk I and a brand new Mk II – now these details may not be important to you but someone reading this will eventually find that bit interesting.

In case it’s not you and you want some sort of context then these are the original, older versions of the motorbikes used by Ewan Mc Gregor and Charlie Boorman in the Long Way Round.

only "winning the election" will be a good result for Labour and indicated he may delay Mr Trump's state visit as one of his first acts in office.

He said he was "very concerned" about the speed in which the US President was invited to visit the UK, compared to Barack Obama, who was extended the honour over 800 days into his administration.

A spokesperson for the eating disorder charity B-eat said: 'Research shows young children are becoming aware of body image at a much earlier age.

A doll that refuses food is hardly a good example to them' The charity Beat, which campaigns on anorexia and bulimia, said: ‘Research shows young children are becoming aware of body image at a much earlier age.

Nevertheless, breaking down the aspects of attractiveness into their component parts and then subjecting them to rigorous scientific testing has provided answers to many of the basic questions about the judgements we make in the first few moments of meeting a potential partner.

The psychological mechanisms underlying these judgements of attractiveness in humans have evolved with the primary purpose of finding a high quality mate.

When a group of young people were asked about their preferences before a speed dating session, the usual gender difference was found, in that men said they would prefer good looking women while women would seek men with good earning potential and nurturing capabilities.