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Meteorite dating

An additionally interesting characteristic of this meteorite in the broken- off fusion crust on the edges of typical specimens.

Now, scientists analyzing meteorites have found that a supernova may have injected matter into the solar system within a small window of time after the solar system's first solids formed.

[Supernova Photos: Great Images of Star Explosions] "This is evidence for supernova addition at the very start of our solar system, over 4.5 billion years ago," said the meteorite study's lead author, Gregory Brennecka, a cosmochemist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Abrite NWA4799, Tamdakht (fall), 7.9Kg Campo, Chassignite NWA 2737, Super Thinly sliced Millbillillies, Golf ball sized Odessas, 750g LDG, 2.6Kg UNID NWA whole stone 98% FC at under 30c/g, Sweet Henburys, Super Thin full slice of Tatahuin, 14.62g Spectacular Lunar Full Slice NWA 6355 for UNDER $550/g, Chicxulub Micro-tektites, Beautifully Etched Whole Slic Muonionalustae of over $1,000. You may or may not pay for insurance, but if not, it is at your risk. In terms of total weight recovered (over 2000 kg) this is the largest stone fall on record.

1st class is available for small purchases for $2 Priority mail is $4.95(EH4) Fell June 10, 1952, Alberta, Canada - this is one of the most exceptional meteorites available.(see Meteorite! W.: 482g A single 82 gram stone with fresh fusion crust was found in March of 200 in Morocco. This strewn field was extensively searched in the first weeks after the fall with research laboratories laying claim to the lion's share of the material.

This material was selling at the Denver show this year (2001) at $600/g dispite the deflated market and dramatically reduced attendence. This is a SPECTACULAR piece at an increadably low price of $125/g! This meteorite is almost undoubtedly the most researched meteorite to date.

Thick pieces of it can be found elsewhere in the US for $250/g - here it can be had in THIN partslices at the same price, yielding vastly greater surface area to weight ratio. : 64.4 gram endcut, showing orientation and LOTS of fusion crust. It contains extremely large chondrules, various organic compounds and inclusions of an aluminum-calcium-titanium mineral that may be the first silicate minerals to have condensed within the solar nebula while our sun was only a proto-star in the process of being born.

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Sikhote-Alin is a coarsest octahedrite iron in the group IIB, and is comprised of approximately 93% iron, 6% nickel and 1% trace elements. I have also made documentaries about meteorite hunting for PBS, National Geographic, The History Channel, and the Travel Channel.