Start Mild autism and dating

Mild autism and dating

There are several peculiar signs and symptoms which help in identifying mild autism in adults.

Well, you may argue that the disorder shown in both the movies is the Asperger's syndrome.

This is true, but, Asperger's syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, that is found in adults.

I felt my mouth puckering in the way that my friend Erin refers to as “Cat Ass” — tight and pissed.

I wanted to scream expletives at him, eviscerate his ego, slap him, do something to show him just how hurt I was. You realized you deserved way better than what he could possibly give. He never wanted me to hide anything from him — the thing that would drive him away was not the intensity of my emotions or anything I had to say, but the hiding of those emotions and not expressing them.

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7) If you don’t notice that a girl is interested in you, it’s Your Fault. 8) If someone drops an extremely subtle hint and it goes over your head, it’s Your Fault. 9) If you ask people whether they want the last potato and everyone says ‘no, that’s fine’, it’s Your Fault if you take it. 11) 70% of people on the autism spectrum have something else as well (ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, for example). 12) Some people with autism are the nicest, most kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet. But it’s difficult telling people you have Asperger’s because it ends with the word ‘syndrome’. I don’t like using the phrase ‘social learning disorder’ either, because it ends with the word ‘disorder’.