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And, of course, because this is the United States, where a third of all the mass shootings in the world take place, it mattered, perhaps most of all, that he could easily obtain a weapon for which no civilian has any justifiable need, one designed to kill and maim the most people in the shortest period of time.

It mattered that his father claimed that Mateen had been enraged by the sight of two men kissing but that, as it emerged this week, he had apparently made use of an online dating app for gay men.

Using dating apps and the endless stream of first dates that follows can be exhausting - and everyone has their own ways of getting through the hell of it all.

But having lived in London and New York, I’ve seen there are some big differences in the way they use dating apps across the pond. I spoke to some proper New Yorkers to get their take on the dating scene and see what UK daters can learn.

In fact, when you're chatting to someone else, you won't give that dud of a date a second thought. “If we’re having a kick-ass time, sure I’ll stay out, but I don’t plan on that.

Most of my American friends have two or three people that they’re seeing at once, until they decide to get more serious with someone. I often will do two dates in the same night, they’re like meet-and-greets.” It’s one of the least British things I’ve heard, but it definitely sounds effective. Everyone likes a few drinks to relax on a date, but when I moved to London first dates all were about getting hammered. And spending Wednesday feeling like I was dying inside and my mouth was a loofah.

I know, I know: a trend piece does not a trend make.

The quirks of a few often get mistaken for the habits of many.

that suggested that one of the institution’s foremost traditions might be undergoing some change.