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More village London at the Newbon Family History site, including this image of Boyce's Cottages on Garratt Lane; suburban London vernacular before the arrival of the suburbs themselves.

Then she saw a look of recognition melting into a different kind of astonishment, part amusement, part triumph melting into a chuckle.“Oh, have you joined us? I’m a scab.”The visitor knows her, but she doesn’t know him.

He asks how she got here, and seems amused to hear her story of how she crashed the gates of Galt’s Gulch while “trying to land on a prehistorical mirage”.

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She was setting the table, when she saw the figure of a man hurrying up the path to the house, a swift, agile figure that leaped over boulders with the casual ease of a flight. He looked at her as if he had not expected to find a woman in this house.

He wore a dark blue sweater and slacks, he had gold hair and a face of such shocking perfection of beauty that she stood still, staring at him, not in admiration, at first, but in simple disbelief.

' Complete with private collections, the patent of the day and owners' manuals galore and fantastically obscure threads.