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Online dating unitarian universalist

However, despite John Rogers’ tutoring, there were few opportunities for her to receive any formal education beyond reading and writing.

Judith Sargent was born on May 1, 1751, in Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Winthrop Sargent and Judith Saunders as the first of eight children.

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Our worship, the warmth of our community, our programs, our music, our focus on children and youth, and our work in the world make First Church a very special place. Join us as we seek to deepen our understanding of what it means to live the generous life, and how it can change lives. Be prepared to exercise your mind and open your heart.

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"The Women’s Museum of California strives to educate and inspire current and future generations about the experiences and contributions of women by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the documentary and visual evidence of those experiences aims to provide the community a broad collection of reference materials that document women’s history and the female experience.

With approx 4,000 works in the collection, the interdisciplinary nature concerning women’s history is reflected in our holdings - offering resources on a wide variety of disciplines such as women in the arts, women’s health & reproductive rights, women in the military, biographical works, LGBT studies, law & politics, and finally seminal works on the first and second waves of the feminist movement.

The Sargent children were raised to be "good Christians" at the established Congregational First Parish Church where, according to Judith, they were taught that "benevolence should guide their every action, virtue will be the principle of their lives." The Sargent family was considered to be cultured, politically aware, and civically active.