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Shot exclusively on i Phones, the SXSW discovery “King Kelly” delivers a “ferocious indictment of Generation Me by boiling it down to a single ditzy teen,” according to Indiewire’s Eric Kohn who gave Andrew Neel’s satire a glowing A- at this year’s festival.

Later, she’s seen traipsing around her room in star-spangled underpants, rehearsing another bit for her encouraging pal Jordan (Libby Woodbridge).

Our blondie knows she's smoking hot so she does some extra cash at the cam.

Well, with a body like hers is easy to make money but her guy don't agrees with that.

Ask anyone who was around for the early days of the internet, and they’ll begrudgingly admit that the adult industry was one of the most innovative proving grounds for the once-unproven online technology now taken for granted on almost every commercial website.