Start Page numbers in word 2016 not updating

Page numbers in word 2016 not updating

Unfortunately, the built-in tools that simplify the insertion of page numbers also happen to make it more difficult to tell what's really going on.

Then, set the page numbering for each of those sections by following these steps.

You can choose to Update page numbers only or Update entire table if you want to update the page numbers and the text.

Again, if you explained more in detail what you are trying to add, maybe someone could give you a more specific suggestion.

Important: If the table of contents was created manually (in other words, if it wasn't created automatically from the headings), Word won't be able to update it for you.

Instead, you'll need to manually type your changes in the table of contents.

Let's say you want to use different page numbers or number formats and styles in different parts of your document. for the introduction and table of contents and 1, 2, 3… The trick is to divide the document into sections and to make sure those sections aren’t linked.

I added a header and thus increased the size of the header. If headings have been removed or added, Word may not give you choice; instead, it updates the whole TOC by default.

This changed the page numbers a little, and all I want to do is update that, but I no longer appear to have this option. Note that manual changes that you make to the TOC will never be retained when you update.

Let's start at the beginning, since it won't take too long . Each time you insert a Section Break into the document, the document gains a section.

In other words, if you create a new blank document, then choose Break on the Insert menu and select a Next Page Section Break, the document will thereafter consist of two sections: Material from the start of the document up through and including the break represents Section 1. (In some cases, Word inserts Section Breaks automatically, such as when you change the number of columns in part of a document.).

To learn how to create a table of contents, see Create a table of contents.