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Paula lamar singles dating

The song is available right now through i Tunes and Apple Music.

Robin Thicke went through a very painful, public divorce from Paula Patton, and even tried to win her back in public, but it was to no avail.

Although he struggled for a long time after splitting from his then-wife, Thicke is doing a lot better these days.

Forever Your Girl is one of the nine albums in history to yield four number-one singles.

"With the help of his parents, Thicke was able to move on and find love again with 20-year-old April Geary Love. News recently that he has given her the seal of approval!

In 1988, she released her first studio album, Forever Your Girl, for what it took 64 weeks to hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart, the longest an album has been on the market before hitting number one.

Four singles off the album—"Straight Up", "Forever Your Girl", "Cold Hearted" and "Opposites Attract"—topped Billboard Hot 100.

Per Pitchfork, Lamar ends the song by rapping, “Y’all got ’til April 7 to get y’all shit together,” suggesting that might be the date for his next full-length release.