Start Peerblock p2p list not updating

Peerblock p2p list not updating

It blocks incoming and outgoing connections to Internet IP addresses that are included on blacklists accessible over the Internet which may be selected by the user, and to addresses specified by the user. The aim of its use is to prevent certain (blacklisted) IP peers in a torrent download from verifying your own peer download connection.

If everything they provided right now was free, then I'd have no complaints.

It adds support for 32- and 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

When the Peer Guardian project ended, its developer Phoenix Labs encouraged current Peer Guardian users to migrate to Peer Block.

I have tried contacting them multiple times and I have not received any response (and it's been about a week since my last support request with them). Are they just dead (except for immediately accepting money) or is it really just a scam?

Upon Googling them I did find a small number of references of people's credit cards getting "reused" after signing up with them.

I recently decided to pay the $10/yr to i because I thought it would be worth the money to have access to some of the subscriber only lists.

I entered my credit card info and it was processed immediately.

Is there a MOD out there that is going to comment on this or do you not know? Been a supporter for over 2 years and every time i seen or wrote a post it was responded to within 24 hours. So attempts to download lists from uk were downloading an older copy of their list files.