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The pin is believed to have been dedicated by the wife of a member of the Ptolemaic court, the Egyptian dynasty that ruled Cyprus for over 2 ½ centuries, beginning from 294 BC.

An inscription on the pin reads The Head of the Aphrodite Pin The gold-plated bronze pin has a length of 17.80 cm and a weight of 538.00 grams.

Vi utviklet opprinnelig vårt publiseringssystem noop for Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond (SAIH) i 2002, da vi begge jobbet på Solidaritetshuset.

Siden har vi videreutviklet systemet og levert det til en rekke ulike organisasjoner (se historikk).

Other accounts describe the larger pearl as a saltwater pearl and the smaller pearl as a freshwater pearl.

The head of the pin cast in bronze and plated with gold, represents four goats' heads separated by lotus flowers, arising from an acanthus foliage.

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The pin is crowned by a large gold-capped, white, almost oval-shaped baroque pearl, surmounted by a much smaller, almost drop-shaped white pearl, with a gold knob on top.

According to some sources both pearls are saltwater pearls, but originated from different sources.

In ancient Roman times there were two main types of Latin script, capital letters and cursive.