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So, all of us have been through this rapid dating phase, yes, the after break up rebounds, and as difficult it was to get out off the phase, it was equally easy to sit back and smile at it now.

But also be aware that if you want casual relationships, you don’t want to use too much of this or she’ll get too attached and drop the Ultimatum sooner than she would’ve if you hadn’t built so much comfort/rapport. Skip the feather boas and black nails, but study everything else.

Ya Really did such a bang-up job providing the backdrop to this post that I’ll just repost his comment here: Jezebel admits that PUA works. lol The experiment they describe is just smoothly building comfort/rapport and the exercise ends with 4 min of deep eye-contact which is just running standard laser-eyes: Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? They hit the field and in so doing hit upon deep abiding realities about women and their call-and-response behavior to particular courtship tactics.

v=V3Z4Nq0Orr M Ya, she’d BETTER call it that…because if she called it PUA or Game, Jezebel would shit a brick lol It’s cute when normal society finally manages to spark a fire with rocks when they actively refuse to use the lighters PUA has offered for years lol Posting this mainly to link the actual questions they use ’cause there’s a lot of good comfort/rapport building questions in here to swipe. Read this post carefully and think about the implications of the message contained in it.

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Sure, that sums up pretty much about her character in the movie.

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For reference, here are the 36 Questions that you should ask a woman, in order of increasing intimacy, with the goal of making her fall in love and desiring sex with you: ****** Set I 1. ‘Yes, you can inspire a woman to feel love for you by following this flowchart of pretested questions and nonverbal communication, just as the game aficionados have asserted for years’ is not the kind of lesson that will warm the tender hearts of rom-com saturated women or trad-con saturated men.