Start Rihanna only dating women

Rihanna only dating women

The most negative assumptions of female behaviour would have you believe that we get jealous of our friend’s relationships, talk about them behind their backs or, worse, secretly desire to steal their partner.

Crystal Johnson wrote the song in collaboration with producers Stargate and Sandy Vee.

Rihanna contacted Stargate before Loud's production and asked them to create lively, uptempo music.

He screencapped the exchange to reveal what happened next: It's kind of moving to see a famous and beautiful pop star was thoughtful enough to take a minute and let the dude know she saw him, heard him, and had some wisdom about the situation.

Twitter users agreed: Nobody should expect Rihanna's still sitting there waiting to dispense more hard-won knowledge about handling a split, but it's good to see fame hasn't affected her down-to-earth, common sense, caring side at all.

Let's face it, that's also damn good advice.

Wise and it turns the situation upside down in a positive way.

As social media users gushed their approval, media outlets rushed to identify her handsome new love interest.

It didn’t take long before he was revealed to be prominent Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic, which owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in the gulf state.

Recently, though, one guy came at her from a totally different angle and her compassionate response impressed even longtime fans.

The singer, whose own relationship issues with Drake—and even worse, Chris Brown—have been painfully public, received a message Twitter user @Walad Shami in which he asked her how she dealt with her first relationship bust up because his own was challenging.

Our girl has been trying her hardest, getting out there while you root for her and she’s finally bagged herself a keeper. While we’re here for our girl, poised and ready to yell ‘congrats, we’re here for you and we love you sweetie’ whenever we next see them it’s important to not get too invested in our friend’s relationship.