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Royalty dating images

The couple dated for two years, after they were set up by Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

There is no reason to sing a sad song for Girardi, who will continue his NHL career somewhere else when he becomes a free agent on July 1 after being bought out of the final two years of his contract.

He has been well compensated, has a loving family and a full life in front of him.

But there is a need to offer appreciation for what Girardi brought to the Rangers and what he meant to the organization from the moment he arrived on the scene during the 2006-07 All-Star break and began leaving pieces of himself behind on the Garden ice.

Girardi replaced Darius Kasparaitis on the roster and Thomas Pock in the lineup when he made his NHL debut in Philadelphia on Jan. The Rangers were out of a playoff spot and in need of a change when he was summoned from AHL Hartford.

We're happy for you, Grace Kelly, but Emma would be the best actress-turned-princess of all time!

12, Dan Girardi was sharing his memories with me of Steven Mc Donald, the inspirational NYPD Detective who had died two days earlier and for whom the Rangers’ Extra Effort Award is named.

But one would imagine (or daydream) that dating a royal might make the entire ordeal feel like a fairy tale…but according to one woman who knows, it’s far more demanding and full of expectations.