Start Russian dating online at russianeuro com

Russian dating online at russianeuro com

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The process of finding an Eastern European lady to date is much easier than you think.

Younger women in the former Soviet republics usually speak some English, and legitimate agencies generally offer phone translations where you can actually chat with these foreign women before you make the long trip to meet them.

While I will tell you that the romance tours are the best and most trustworthy way to meet honest ladies looking to marry foreign husbands, you can also go it alone.

If you find a lucky Russian or Ukrainian girl you want to meet, there is plenty of information about how to make a safe and pleasant trip to the Eastern bloc to meet for the first time.

You can visit these sites by clicking their banners in the right margin and below.

Russian Cupid (formerly Russian Euro) and Ukraine Date and all the Cupid Media sites offer no tour services, no letter forwarding services, no phone translation services, no gift services, etc....

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I review Russian Cupid (formerly "Russian") and Ukraine Date together because they are virtually identical sites differing only in the geographical locale of their Russian and Ukrainian women clients.