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Russian dating virus

Late Friday, attacks were reported by various Russian government agencies, including the interior ministry, which said 1,000 of its computers were hit by a virus, which was then localised.

Ukraine has estimated that the tank and artillery firepower that fighters in the east have is greater than Germany or the U. - a capability that would be impossible for a fighting unit to sustain without the support of a professional military.

Russian health ministry aide Nikita Odintsov said on Twitter that the ministry had "quickly thwarted" the attempted attacks.

Russia's largest bank Sberbank said in a statement carried by news agencies that its systems "detected in time attempts to penetrate bank infrastructure"."The bank's network has provisions for defending from such attacks.

In Latin America, for example, two out of five people relapse after treatment, but this can rise to 70 per cent in parts of South Asia where another species of Leishmania circulates.

The most obvious explanation is that the parasite has become resistant or that people aren’t taking the drugs properly.

Now it seems that in some species of the parasite, a virus hiding inside is silently helping it subvert treatment.

Leishmaniasis is a common problem in Latin America, South Asia and parts of Africa.

There was no penetration of the system by viruses," the statement said.