Start Single grandparent raising grandchild dating

Single grandparent raising grandchild dating

If he’s older, get as much information as you can about his school and other activities he might be involved in.

Make a binder or folder where you keep all of these important papers so you can easily find them when you need them. Talk with the key people in your grandchildren's lives, such as teachers, pediatricians, school social workers, and any lawyers or child welfare professionals who have been involved with your grandchild.

These are some questions you may want to ask: What phone numbers I do I need?

But sometimes these kids are initially being manipulative, and are using their skills to try to "con" their grandparents.

is a federal government website that has a special page for grandparents raising grandchildren.

You’ll find a list of important toll-free numbers in this Grand Families Guide in the Grand Families Resources section.

You should also make a phone list of all the local people and agencies you will work with as you raise your grandchild.

Many grandparents don’t expect a family crisis that leaves them to raise their grandchild.