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I go back to my days at Miami in ’; this is clearly a better group than those guys, so that’s saying something.” The Buccaneers tied for the third-fewest sacks (27) in 2012 and ranked 23rd with 35 in 2013.

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Carter is not at the height of his lyrical prowess on , but the album is ambitious and emotionally vulnerable, and represents a profound shift from Jay-Z’s previous offerings, especially in its belief in the power of the market to improve black lives rather than destroy them.

***Perhaps the most concise and perplexing statement of Carter’s new unambiguous love for capitalism comes in a couplet on the second track, “The Story of O.

In two of your examples, there are multiple spaces between a word and a digit.

What about punctuation (for example, do you want to match multiple spaces after a dot and before the next word)?

Questions about using Unix utilities in Ubuntu, such as grep, sed, and awk, have always been considered fine here.